NPG introduces CC-BY on 19 journals

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Nature Publishing Group (NPG) has introduced the Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) licence on 19 academic journals. From December 2012, the CC-BY licence will be available to authors choosing open-access publication options in these journals, in addition to the two non-commercial Creative Commons (CC) licences currently on offer. This follows NPG’s introduction of a CC-BY licence option on Scientific Reports in July 2012. The publisher says that it intends to offer CC-BY options on further open-access and hybrid journals over the next few months.

'We are pleased to offer authors the choice of the CC-BY commercial reuse licence when publishing their work in any of the academic journals that we own,' said Martin Delahunty, associate director, academic journals & pharma solutions for NPG. 'Our self-archiving policy remains in place on all our journals and is compatible with both policies, offering authors a green open-access route to compliance without payment of any APC.'

The CC-BY licence allows for articles to be distributed and amended, including for commercial opportunities. Papers can be developed upon, as long as attribution is given to the original work and its authors. An APC is levied per article accepted for publication for authors choosing to make their work open access.

The journals introducing the CC-BY licence are: Blood Cancer Journal; Bone Marrow Transplantation; Cancer Gene Therapy; Genes and Immunity; European Journal of Clinical Nutrition; Gene Therapy; International Journal of Obesity; International Journal of Impotence Research; Journal of Exposure Science & Environmental Epidemiology; Journal of Human Hypertension Journal of Perinatology; Leukemia; Molecular Psychiatry; Nutrition & Diabetes; Oncogene; Oncogenesis; Prostate Cancer; The Pharmacogenomics Journal; and Translational Psychiatry.