NPG adds CC-BY licence to 22 more journals

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Nature Publishing Group (NPG) and its publishing partners have introduced the CC-BY licence option on 22 further journals, including Nature Communications. Of the 61 NPG journals that are open access or have open-access options, 42 now offer the choice of CC-BY as one of the options, says the publisher.

Nature Communications will offer CC-BY licences at an APC of $5200, for authors submitting manuscripts on or after 1 April. Two non-commercial CC licence options remain available, and the APC for these has been reduced to $4800, from the current APC of $5000.

The other 21 journals introducing a CC-BY option are published by NPG on behalf of publishing partners and either offer open-access options, or are open-access journals. They join Scientific Reports and the 19 NPG-owned academic journals that introduced CC-BY in 2012.

The partner journals that have introduced the CC-BY licence are: BoneKEy Reports, The ISME Journal, Emerging Microbes & Infections, European Journal of Human Genetics, Eye, Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism, Cell Death and Differentiation, Cell Death and Disease, Cell Research, Genetics in Medicine, Heredity, Laboratory Investigation, Modern Pathology, Molecular Therapy, Molecular Therapy — Nucleic Acids, Light: Science & Applications, Spinal Cord, The EMBO Journal, EMBO reports, Molecular Systems Biology and the British Dental Journal.

The CC BY licence will be available to authors choosing open-access publication options in these journals, in addition to the two non-commercial Creative Commons (CC) licences currently on offer. In addition, The EMBO Journal, EMBO reports and Molecular Systems Biology have adopted CC0 waiver for the release of published datasets and figure source data. CC0 allows unrestricted re-use of research data. Data available on’s linked data platform is also available under CC0. Other NPG publishing partners are also said to be considering introducing CC-BY in due course. .