Next generation of AIP's Scitation platform goes live

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AIP Publishing and Publishing Technology have launched the next generation of AIP’s Scitation site. 

Launched on a new custom platform developed using Publishing Technology’s pub2web hosting solution, AIP Publishing and seven AIP member societies are now housing nearly a million articles from 47 journals, as well as conference proceedings, standards and blogs. The site also hosts AIP’s magazine Physics Today.

Content on the new platform is semantically enriched using the Scitation thesaurus of 7,500 terms, which can be searched and browsed across Scitation’s publishers and content types enabling smarter discoverability. Moreover, concept boosting, a unique search feature of the pub2web platform driven by semantic tagging, means that subject homepages are bumped to the top of search results, directing Scitation users to information hubs for accessing associated content and creating unique resource collections.

The site also includes article-level metrics and comment functionality, social network integration, and search and browse options by author and affiliation. 

Michael Cairns, chief operating officer of Publishing Technology’s Online Division, observed: ‘Given that AIP Publishing formerly hosted content itself, entrusting the platform to Publishing Technology was a real measure of its belief in us, and we were determined to deliver a top quality product.’