New publisher sales manager for Kudos

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Kudos has employed Jason De Boer in the role of publisher sales manager. De Boer brings experience from past roles with publishers including McGraw Hill, Harcourt Academic and, most recently, Elsevier. He has also worked with service providers including Thomson Learning and OCLC.

De Boer will take responsibility for Kudos for Publishers, which aims to provide a central and actionable view on how and where authors communicate around their work. This enables publishers to understand and amplify the role that authors play in building the visibility and usage of their work.

'With so much more research now being published around the world, it is critical that all of those involved in its communication work together to ensure that information finds its way to the people who can benefit from and apply it,' De Boer said.

'Kudos is a unique service that brings together researchers, publishers and others such as institutions and societies, and provides a central, shared platform for the co-creation of impact. It is at the cutting edge of how research is communicated and I’m excited to be able to play a part in its ongoing success.'