New partnership between Charlesworth Group and Writefull

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Aligning with the strategic importance of improving submission quality, the Charlesworth Group and Writefull have now partnered to offer authors Writefull for free within the Charlesworth AI Paper Checking Service. The aim is to reduce the likelihood of manuscript rejection and help quicken the publication process. This integrated solution helps thousands of authors on the Charlesworth Author Services platform identify whether their paper needs additional language editing before submission.

The Charlesworth AI Paper Checking Service uses the Writefull technology to let authors assess their manuscript’s quality level and choose whether to submit or utilise professional editing support. The metrics powered by Writefull present the number of errors and changes in areas such as grammar, vocabulary, punctuation and style. Using these metrics, the tool recommends whether the paper requires additional editing support. By uploading their paper to Charlesworth Author Services, authors can choose to seamlessly submit to The Charlesworth Group’s editing solution to address any quality issues. As Charlesworth AI Paper Checking Service is currently in beta, active user feedback drives enhancements and progression at an accelerated pace.

Juan Castro, CEO and co-founder of Writefull, comments: 'We developed Writefull to help authors with their academic writing. We’re excited that, through this partnership with Charlesworth, we’ll give thousands of authors an objective measure of their manuscript editing needs. Authors may not be sure whether their work needs language editing, and Writefull’s metrics will give them more confidence in making their decision. If authors then do opt for extra copyediting, it’s likely to be beneficial to both themselves and the publisher. It’s a win-win.'

Michael Evans, CEO of Charlesworth, comments: 'We're always looking at ways to improve not just the author experience, but how we can support our publishing partners to accomplish their goals. Partnering with a specialist solution-provider like Writefull means we can positively impact the quality of published work prior to submission. By combining our specialist expertise, we can provide a unified, integrated solution to support our author and publisher community sooner in the publication process. We are delighted to be working with Writefull to help improve author experience through this partnership.'