New London event announced: ConTech 2018

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Info International, organisers of the London Info International events, have launched a new event: ConTech 2018, which aims to examine where data science, content and technology come together.

At ConTech 2018 delegates will learn how a new generation of technology is impacting the world of content. They will get the chance to hear from content pioneers who are already seeing the benefits of using data science, data science visionaries who are building content tools and understand how you can start applying data science to your own work – whether you are a publisher, content strategist or managing content for your organisation.

ConTech 2018 will focus on issues including: 

  • Leveraging value from content assets; 
  • Knowledge to intelligence;
  • Applying data science to content repositories; 
  • Artificial intelligence for content publishers; 
  • Enriching content through data science/artificial intelligence; 
  • Content and the science of context;
  • Unpacking AI; 
  • Data ethics;
  • Taking knowledge from data; and 
  • Digital content repositories.

Clive Snell, managing director of Info International, said: 'Content creation and consumption is changing faster than ever before. This is impacting business models, patterns of behaviour and virtually every aspect of the role information plays across organisations. We are delighted to have created ConTech 2018 as a platform to showcase the very latest thinking and to help understand how data science can unlock a host of new opportunities for organisations of all types and sizes.'

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