New award remembers Bob McKee

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IFLA and CILIP, with the support of his family, have launched the Aspire Award in memory of CILIP's chief executive Bob McKee, who died in August 2010. The award is intended to support Bob's strong interests in developing new professionals and strengthening international relationships. It will provide bursaries for new professionals to attend CILIP and IFLA conferences.

IFLA will provide an international bursary to support a new professional from Ukraine, a country in which McKee had a professional interest. The scope of the international bursary will be widened to the whole library community after two years. The initial timescale for the award is four years.

CILIP will provide a UK bursary to pay for attendance at either its biennial Umbrella event or its annual New Professionals Conference.

It is hoped the award will be funded by donations, which can be made through CILIP or IFLA.