More US universities back open-access physics initiative

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Five universities and a consortium in the USA have signed an expression of interest pledging to re-direct their current subscriptions to high-energy physics journals to the SCOAP3 initiative. SCOAP3 aims to make all high-energy physics publishing open access.

The new SCOAP3 partners are Grand Valley State University, the Illinois Institute of Technology, the University of Arizona, the University of llinois at Chicago, Washington University in Saint Louis and the California State University Systemwide Electronic Information Resources consortium (CSU-SEIR). The consortium has signed an expression of interest on behalf of the 23 campus libraries of the California State University.

Libraries and consortia in the USA have so far collectively pledged a total of 2.3 million $/year to SCOAP3. Worldwide, 61 per cent of the SCOAP3 budget envelope has now been pledged by partners in 21 countries.