Meta and Kopernio partner to provide easy access to full-text scientific articles

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Millions of full-text scientific articles will soon be available through an easy copyright-compliant one-click process, thanks to a new partnership between Kopernio, part of the Web of Science Group and Meta, a free biomedical discovery tool from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative.

Meta users will have faster, easier access to millions of full-text scientific articles through Kopernio’s free web browser plug-in, giving scientists one-click access to complete versions of the latest relevant research delivered directly in their Meta feed.

Meta users will have the option to install the Kopernio plugin for one-click retrieval of full-text articles that are accessible to them, either by integrating with institutional subscriptions or by offering a copyright-compliant open access alternative. When the version of record is available via institutional subscriptions, librarians and institutions will receive full usage reporting via the original publisher, as Kopernio usage is COUNTER compliant.

Ben Kaube, co-founder of Kopernio, said: 'Hours of researchers’ time is wasted looking for ways to access copyright-compliant full-text research articles, especially – but not only – when off-campus. This important partnership underlines our organisations’ shared commitment to use technology in order to solve major problems and frustrations faced by researchers.'

Sam Molyneux, co-founder of Meta, said: 'Meta’s goal is to ensure you never miss an important paper. We have partnered with Kopernio to ensure that once you have found the paper you need, you know you can access the best version of that paper, copyright-compliant and for free, without changing your research habits. Kopernio prioritises the use of the version of record from publishers.'