Macmillan New Ventures acquires Late Nite Labs

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Macmillan New Ventures, a technology innovation unit of Macmillan Science and Education, has acquired Late Nite Labs, which provides virtual online science labs for secondary schools and higher-education institutions.

Late Nite Labs’s brand assets, products and team will be absorbed into Macmillan New Ventures operations in New York, USA. Macmillan also plans to expand the Late Nite Labs team and provide the company with support and resources to scale operations and extend the product line offerings.

Currently, Late Nite Labs’s online laboratory contains over 100 interactive lab simulations that are used by secondary and higher education institutions in the USA and abroad. The growth in higher education online science courses has created an opportunity for Late Nite Labs’s virtual exploration and lab customisation experiences, believe the companies.

'Late Nite Labs has successfully designed an affordable and engaging virtual platform that significantly changes the way that educators and students approach scientific labs and experiments,' explained Troy Williams, president of Macmillan New Ventures. 'The future of education rests on building interactive, data-driven learning experiences. Late Nite Labs will serve as a cornerstone in the Macmillan New Ventures portfolio by shifting content delivery beyond the classroom walls and effectively tracking and improving student outcomes.'

'We are sincerely looking forward to joining forces with Macmillan New Ventures,' said David Jaffe, president and founder of Late Nite Labs. 'The company shares in our vision to generate fresh, engaging and innovative content for students, relentlessly disrupting and improving STEM education through our superior simulation science lab software. I am confident that this partnership will improve our ability to exceed customer expectations and truly move the needle within education technology.'

Late Nite Labs is the third acquisition by Macmillan New Ventures in the past year. The company acquired Sapling Learning, provider of interactive homework and learning software, in November and EBI MAP-Works, which has a student success and retention platform, last May.