Médecins Sans Frontières launches repository

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Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) has adopted the Open Repository service from BioMed Central, which allows institutes to build, launch, host, and maintain their own repositories.

This implementation is said to enable MSF to provide a personalised in-house repository that maximises the distribution of its research at a fraction of the cost of other commercial systems.

Speaking of the new system, Tony Reid, medical editor for MSF said: ‘The vast majority of our medical work, and by extension our research activities, take place in poorer countries where access to scientific publications is often difficult and expensive to obtain. With Open Repository, we are able to make MSF's research experience available to health workers, policy makers and researchers in those countries in an easily-searchable format at no cost.’

MSF is one of 15 organisations that has adopted the Open Repository solution since its inception. Open Repository is built upon the latest version of DSpace, an open-source solution for accessing, managing and preserving scholarly works.