LSU and CSU license Credo's Literati Student Athlete

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To help student athletes win in the classroom, Louisiana State University’s Cox Communications Academic Center for Student-Athletes and Charleston Southern University’s Student Athlete Success Program have licensed Literati Student Athlete from Credo.

Literati Student Athlete is said to provide interactive technologies that simplify the research processes and enhance learning, high-quality reference content and customised services that connect athletes to tutors, librarians and educational tools. With Literati, athletic officials can help students achieve academic success and be more prepared for life beyond college.

'Literati is a positive step in the right direction towards furthering our student-athletes’ education through online resources and customised tutorials that speak to the needs of our student-athlete population,' commented Mike Mallet, LSU’s director of student affairs. 'We expect that the Literati platform will not only advance students’ learning, but also help them to become productive citizens in society.'

'Our athletes’ performance in the classroom is a top priority,' said Christie Faircloth-Dixon, CSU’s student-athlete success director/senior women’s administrator. 'With Literati Student Athlete, we are able to give them the information skills that are critical to academic success, but also extend well beyond the classroom, lending to professional and personal victory as well.'

'Credo is excited to team with LSU and CSU to meet the specific needs of student athletes who have extremely busy schedules and are frequently on the road,' said Carol Helton, Credo’s executive vice president of customer solutions and marketing.  

'We look forward to partnering with athletic officials, educators and librarians to further enrich Literati Student Athlete with technologies and services that improve information skills and deliver positive outcomes.'