Kudos is awarded UK government funding

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Kudos, which helps authors and institutions maximise the impact and visibility of their publications, has been awarded a grant of £164,000 by the UK Government’s Technology Strategy Board. The grant will help Kudos to further develop and test its service, and explore additional routes to market.

The funding is part of the Smart scheme, which supports 'small and early-stage companies with innovative ideas and high growth ambition and potential'. The team who assesses the project for the grant described Kudos as 'fresh thinking' with 'potential to broaden acessibility of research, in the context of the UK government’s policies around research impact and open access'.

They also described Kudos as 'a very strong team with publishing experience and contacts and a range of commercial and technical skills. The detailed and specific answers throughout lend weight to the competence of the applicants individually and collectively'.

David Sommer co-founder and director at Kudos commented, 'the award represents a significant affirmation of our business and project plans, and should give our current and prospective partners great confidence in our future.'