Knovel Academic Challenge returns

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The ninth Knovel Academic Challenge has launched, giving thousands of students at academic institutions worldwide the chance to win prizes.

The competition, hosted by Elsevier, presents a series of questions on engineering-related topics, with students are encouraged to use Knovel's online library to find the correct answers.

Elsevier says the competition, formerly known as the Knovel University Challenge, is an excellent resource for faculty and university library staff who want to introduce future engineers to top-notch resources and teach students how to research, problem-solve and prepare for a competitive workforce. Prizes are awarded weekly to students of top-participating academic institutions and at the conclusion of the contest.

Prizes this year include:

  • The student with the highest accumulation of points at the end of the Knovel Academic Challenge will receive an Apple iPad Air II with Wi-Fi 16Gb;
  • The student with the second highest accumulation of points will receive Bose QC 20i Acoustic Noise Cancelling In-Ear Headphones;
  • The student with the highest points scored each week will receive a $100 Amazon gift card; and
  • At the end of the challenge, the leading scorer from each of the top 10 participating schools will receive a Google Chromecast.

'The University of Alberta has participated in the Knovel Academic Challenge since its inception, and continues to do so,' said Randy Reichardt, research services librarian (engineering) at the University of Alberta.

'It has been successfully integrated into a number of our engineering courses. It is an excellent way for both new and returning students to gain experience using Knovel, and to compete against other campuses and institutions at the same time. Having finished second in the last competition, we will be reaching for number one this year.'