Karger partners with Kudos and Figshare

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The Swiss biomedical publisher Karger has partnered with Kudos to help authors increase reach and impact of the articles they have published in Karger open-access journals.

Karger has also enlisted the services of Figshare to help with the presentation of supplementary material which accompanies many of its articles.

In a statement, Karger said the innovative solutions offered by Kudos and Figshare would allow it to 'further enhance the service and support it offers to its authors'.

It continued: 'Thanks to Kudos, authors of articles published in a Karger open-access journal will now be able to expand the reach and impact of their work.

'By providing a hub for resources and topics related to their research output, this award-winning platform helps researchers increase the overall discoverability of their research and offers a simple yet effective way to track the impact of their articles. Authors are invited to create a profile of their work and explain it in plain language. Thus, more interest in their research results is generated, also in a wider audience outside their discipline.

'The online digital repository Figshare ensures that all new supplementary material at Karger will be provided with a unique DOI number and will consequently be discoverable as well as citable independently as well as in the context of the Karger article it complements.

'Data uploaded to Figshare are presented in a visually appealing and consistent way and, regardless of the original format, size, or medium, can be easily accessed by readers.'