Karger enhances journal content with 3D and AR

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Karger Publishers has joined forces with Ludenso, a leader in augmented reality (AR) technology, to give researchers and clinicians the ability to visualize journal article data with 3D and AR.

A specialist in the field of medical research, Karger publishes more than 100 journals covering over 25 medical disciplines. Using Ludenso’s platform, Karger now provides a new service to its authors, adding a new dimension to how they present their data, engage with diverse audiences, and expand the reach of their research.

Authors who include 3D models, such as molecular structures and tissue illustrations, as part of their manuscript submission will have the opportunity to turn them into interactive AR-viewable objects.

According to Ludenso’s 2023 Impact Report, 50% of readers surveyed said they retained more information using AR. Other studies show that visual aids such as 3D images may help improve reading comprehension and engagement.

With the new offering, authors can:

  • Increase reader engagement with 3D models
  • Improve reader comprehension through visualization
  • Expand article reach by making research more accessible

Ludenso is an innovative start-up with an AR platform to enrich academic publications and learning experiences. The partnership with Karger Publishers will be the first time that Ludenso’s technology has been rolled out in the context of scientific journals, giving a tangible benefit to Karger’s authors and the scientific community.

“Providing authors with an opportunity to showcase their work in innovative ways goes to the core of Karger’s mission: connecting people and science,” said Daniel Ebneter, CEO at Karger. “AR brings us one step closer to creating even more understandable content for readers.”

Eirik Wahlstrøm, co-founder and CEO of Ludenso, added: "Journals are at the center of the academic world, providing an invaluable source of knowledge for students and researchers alike. We’re proud to team up with Karger Publishers, a pioneer in the field of medical research, to help academics bring their work to life. Our 3D and AR solution, combined with Karger’s expertise, will help change the way academics engage with and increase the impact of their research.”