JSTOR picks Atypon for content delivery platform

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JSTOR, a community supported not-for-profit archive of more than 800 scholarly journals, and publishing software provider Atypon Systems have teamed up to develop a new software platform for publications archived with JSTOR.

The platform will be co-developed by JSTOR and Atypon and will be based on the existing Atypon Premium software. It will be deployed on JSTOR’s globally load-balanced server infrastructure in the USA and UK and managed by JSTOR staff. When completed, the new platform will replace the existing JSTOR delivery system.

This effort is expected to result in a more flexible platform to support access to the growing set of journals and other scholarly content archived with JSTOR. JSTOR and Atypon also intend to work together in the future to deploy new applications on the system specifically aimed at maximising utility and other benefits that the online environment offers for scholars.