JISC Collections signs agreement for Taylor & Francis journals

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Taylor & Francis Journals has announced a new NESLi2 agreement with the UK’s JISC Collections for 2012 to 2014. The new agreement provides libraries with access to full-text journal content from more than 1,300 titles published between 1997 and the present via the Taylor & Francis Library. Customers can licence this content as the Social Science & Humanities Library (SSH), the Science & Technology Library (S&T), or as the Taylor & Francis Library, which combines the two with a guaranteed price cap.

All customers who have an existing arrangement with Taylor & Francis may convert to the NESLi2 licence if they commit to its three year term. In doing so they are guaranteed a low cap on year-on-year pricing for the Taylor & Francis Library, says the company. Customers with no current arrangement can add substantial amounts of journal content to their existing subscriptions by paying one annual access fee, the amount of which is based on their JISC banding.

The agreement negotiated with JISC Collections also offers libraries a 75 per cent discount off the subscription price of the FRESH Journals Collection, which currently contains approximately 150 new journals not included in the SSH or S&T Libraries.