Italian university libraries join Portico

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Portico has been joined by 30 academic libraries in Italy. These libraries joined Portico as part of a digital preservation initiative directed by the Italian Coordination for Access to Electronic Resources group (CARE).

‘Our university libraries are monuments to the preservation of scholarly materials,’ said Alberto Sdralevich, chairman of the CARE Group. ‘I am very pleased that this group of 30 libraries from across CASPUR-CIBER, CILEA, and CIPE are able to advance their preservation work through Portico.’ Eileen Fenton, executive director of Portico noted: ‘We are delighted to be a part of the preservation strategy of the Italian academic library community. CARE's leadership in Italy highlights the value of a global community of libraries working cooperatively to accomplish digital preservation of electronic scholarly resources.’

Established by the Permanent Conference of the Rectors of Italian Universities (CRUI) in 2005, CARE was created to coordinate and develop access and conservation of electronic resources for the Italian academic community.