IOPP makes content available on ResearchGate

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ResearchGate and IOP Publishing (IOPP) have announced a collaboration agreement to explore ways to support the scientific community through syndication of IOPP peer-reviewed scholarly content on ResearchGate’s platform.  

ResearchGate is a scholarly social networking site on which over 20 million scientists and researchers share papers, ask and answer questions, and find collaborators.   

The agreement - which marks the first time a physics society publisher has made its content available on the platform - will initially run for 12 months. More than 36,000 full text articles will be uploaded from open-access (OA) journals Environmental Research Letters, Materials Research Express and New Journal of Physics and hybrid journals Biomedical Materials, Classical Quantum Gravity, Physica Scripta and J Phys B.   

Graham McCann, head of content and platform management at IOP Publishing, said: 'We’re always looking for new ways to increase the visibility and impact of the work we publish and have been impressed with the interconnected, interactive digital environment that ResearchGate has created. The partnership supports our mission to expand the world of physics, giving researchers the opportunity to access content easily on a platform they already use.

'Throughout the agreement we’ll look at how often our content has been discovered along with the level of engagement, and gather feedback from users about their experience. We’re confident that by bringing our expertise in publishing high-quality research together with ResearchGate’s online platform and networks of millions of scientists we will deliver significant benefits for the communities served by both organisations.'

Sören Hofmayer, co-founder and chief strategy officer of ResearchGate, said: 'We’re delighted to collaborate with IOP Publishing to help authors to increase the visibility of their work, and to support researchers in a variety of fields to discover and seamlessly access high-quality content. The work we have done with other publishers has resulted in increasing the consumption, peer engagement, and discoverability of scholarly content. We’re really excited to learn through this program how we can support the research community together with IOP Publishing in similar ways.'

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