Innovative partners with ChiliFresh for social discovery

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Innovative Interfaces has announced a partnership agreement with ChiliFresh, a global provider of patron social networking, book reviews, and cover art. The partnership will result in integration between Innovative's discovery services platform, Encore, and a database of trusted ratings and reviews written by library users around the world.

Libraries that offer Encore will enable users to view patron ratings and reviews in the initial results set and at the item level. The experience will be similar to that of many commercial sites in which users can rate their picks from one to five stars, write reviews, and share their opinions and thoughts with others. Current Encore libraries can bring existing reviews together with ChiliFresh content to provide a unified presentation and the best of local and worldwide patron participation.

'Partnering with ChiliFresh reinforces our commitment to support libraries in empowering social interaction online,' says Brad Jung, VP of Product Management at Innovative. 'The ChiliFresh partnership extends Innovative's commitment to partnering with other companies in the library ecosystem to improve the user experience - previous partnerships have included 3M, OverDrive, and EBSCO Information Services.'

'In our daily lives we are all accustomed to reading ratings and reviews by other consumers before making decisions,' added ChiliFresh CEO and founder Scott Johnson. 'This partnership with Innovative will allow libraries to feature social interaction as part of the complete Encore discovery experience.'