Initiative looks at impact of orphan works

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The Collections Trust and the Strategic Content Alliance are working together to find out what impact orphan works have on the delivery of services to the public. Orphan works are those for which the copyright owner is unknown or cannot be traced.

As part of the work, an online survey has been set up to allow cultural heritage, education, health and public service broadcast organisations to register how the issue affects their own service provision. The closing date for completion is Friday 16 January and all respondents will be entered into a prize draw to win £100 (or the equivalent in Euros).

According to Stuart Dempster, director of the Strategic Content Alliance, 'Orphan works present one of the most significant barriers in the provision of access to content across the public sector.'

Further work on this initiative will take place over the coming months, including the publication of case studies and a one-day conference to explore the issues and propose a way forward.