INASP to complete Nepalese handover

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INASP and Tribhuvan University Central Library have agreed the handover of Nepal Journals Online (NepJOL), an online resource that facilitates worldwide access to Nepalese research.

NepJOL is a database of journals published in Nepal, covering the full range of academic disciplines. Its primary goal is to facilitate worldwide access to Nepalese research. NepJOL has been managed by INASP since 2006.

On 4 November Tribhuvan University Central Library (TUCL) will sign a memorandum of understanding with INASP for the handover of this online platform. This handover gives TUCL a great opportunity to further promote Nepalese published research and develop local research capacity via a sustainable online platform.

NepJOL provides access to Nepalese published research, and aims to increase worldwide knowledge of indigenous scholarship. The objective of NepJOL is to give greater visibility to Nepalese journals, and to the research they convey   by providing an open access platform that allows full text downloadable content. The official signing event will agree a timetable for TUCL to take over full responsibility of NepJOL at the end of 2016.

Sioux Cumming, programme manager for journals online at INASP, said: 'Nepal Journals Online is a website for academic journals published in Nepal. The aim of NepJOL is to showcase to Nepal and the international community that academic research in Nepal is thriving and relevant.

'We are very pleased that Tribhuvan University Central Library will be taking over management of NepJOL, and we are confident that the website will grow and develop in the future.'