GetFTR now supports half of global research output

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Get Full Text Research (GetFTR), a free service that enables faster access for researchers to published journal articles, now supports access to more than half of global research output.

This year has already seen partnerships with aerospace publisher AIAA; the American Society for Microbiology ASM; digital library platform DeepDyve; scientific publisher IOP Publishing; research tool SciFinder; and Elsevier’s abstract and citation database Scopus, all go live. Holding partnerships with over 35 publishers and integrators, GetFTR now supports streamlined access to more than 51 per cent of global research output.

Dianne Benham of GetFTR commented: 'Designed with the scholarly reader and author in mind, GetFTR is dedicated to streamlining discovery and access journeys that advance scholarly research. Marking two years since GetFTR received its first entitlement requests, we are incredibly proud of the growth and strength in partnerships, additional use cases, and breadth across the scholarly communications ecosystem that we have and continue to build.'

The addition of  IOPP, AIAA and ASM, will expand the content offering to researchers, enabling access to the latest publications, benefiting from the publishers’ global research base and heritage across disciplines such as physics, astronomy, environmental sciences, microbiology and mathematics. 

Since launch, GetFTR has facilitated more than 2.4 billion entitlement checks and now sends more than 12 million GetFTR links to discovery services each week, providing access to the version of record or an alternative version every time. This will be further enhanced through the integration with DeepDyve, SciFinder and Scopus, as the market continues to adapt to the need for easy access to the most relevant and recent research papers, wherever the researcher wishes to access them. 

Heather Staines, business development at GetFTR, added: 'Our focus remains on being an active partner to the research community - developing  our service and establishing new partnerships to make researchers' access to the version of record easier and faster, and helping to be an active voice in, and for, the sector by supporting innovative projects like the new ScienceDirect pilot. As we move forward our goal is to better understand and develop ways to improve research discovery with the community, serving a growing number of use cases, in 2022 and beyond.'

Matthew Keen, product manager at IOP Publishing, said: 'As we put the needs of the scientific community at the heart of everything we do, we’re always looking to improve our readers’ experience with us. Using the GetFTR indicator, our readers can easily tell which published journal articles are available to them making it easier for them to navigate the complexities of the scholarly communications infrastructure. Smoothing the pathway to full texts will allow authors to focus their precious time to doing their research.'