GetFTR extends retraction and errata service to all partners

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GetFTR has extended its Retraction and Errata service to all integrator partner organisations. This rollout enables partners, such as discovery resources, Scholarly Collaboration Networks (SCNs) and publishers that have integrated GetFTR on their reference lists, to display a notification button at the point of discovery, indicating whether an article has been updated or retracted. 

This  information, sourced from Crossref and Retraction Watch, will be available for all articles where retraction or errata information is found. This now includes content from publishers who do not participate in GetFTR, and it will be displayed even if the researcher does not have access to the full content.

Dianne Benham, Product Director for GetFTR, urged partner organizations to incorporate this feature, highlighting its potential to significantly enhance their own products and services: "Helping researchers not only determine their entitlement to scholarly content, but also to see if it has been corrected or retracted will vastly improve the customer experience, elevate the value of our partners' offerings, and contribute to Research Integrity."

The retraction and errata feature is already available to researchers using the GetFTR Browser extension. This roll-out to all partner organisations further demonstrates GetFTR’s commitment to enhancing the researcher experience by providing streamlined access pathways to trusted content.

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