Ex Libris launches developer network

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Ex Libris Group is launching its Ex Libris Developer Network. The aim of this global initiative is to provide an open environment in which developers and IT professionals can collaborate across libraries and with Ex Libris to experiment with applications and extensions to the company’s solutions. The new network is said to welcome community members from both Ex Libris customer and non-customer institutions. 

In 2008 the company established its EL Commons collaborative platform for the open development of extensions for library-management software and this company now has 5,000 members. The new network is said to build on this work and represent the next phase of the company’s open-platform strategy.

With the launch of the Developer Network, the company says that it is continuing its shift toward the exposure of services and data through RESTful APIs.

The Developer Network includes:

  • API Docs: Comprehensive API and integration documentation and technical guides
  • Tech Blog: Advice, technical guidance, and best practice information offered by developers and Ex Libris development team members
  • Codes & Apps: Contributions of code and apps, including links to complete code projects hosted on GitHub
  • API Console: A testing environment (sandbox) in which customer developers will be able to experiment with Ex Libris APIs
  • Forum: Online forums in which developers can share ideas, questions, and answers about how to get the most value out of Ex Libris APIs
  • Dashboard: A tool enabling developers to manage their implementations of open interfaces and to view usage analytics