Emerald signs two-year partnership deal with Kudos

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Emerald Group Publishing has signed a two-year partnership with Kudos after seeing high engagement levels with the service from its authors during trials.

Kudos helps researchers, their institutions and funders maximiSE the visibility and impact of their publications to all audiences both within the academic community and more broadly.

Results of Emerald’s initial trial of the Kudos service were very encouraging, with Emerald authors showing the highest level of activity of any participating publisher, while Kudos found that authors that used its sharing tools during the trial saw a significant increase in their impact - with impact being measured by a wide range of metrics, including downloads, citations and altmetrics.

These results indicate that Emerald authors have found real value in the Kudos service - paid for by Emerald - as a means of broadening the reach and impact of their research. Visit our newly created landing page to find out more about why Emerald authors find the free Kudos service so valuable.

Emerald was also the first publisher to sign up to an innovative pilot, whereby Kudos’s publisher partners sponsor the creation of compelling professional lay summaries and infographics by Research Media for a select number of online scholarly articles,  in order to drive engagement and subsequent download and usage levels.

Tony Roche, Publishing Director at Emerald, said: 'Emerald authors have clearly found great value in Kudos and its sharing tools as a means of disseminating their research more widely. Emerald has always been committed to providing the best services to its author communities, and so extending the Kudos service to them is evidently the right thing to do.'