Emerald incorporates ORCID identifiers

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Emerald Group Publishing is partnering with ORCID, which provides a registry of unique researcher identifiers and a transparent method of linking research activities.

ORCIDs central register of unique identifiers for individual researchers  – ORCID IDs – provide an open and transparent process for organisations and researchers to connect and enhance their scholarly offering, ensuring that authors' work is supported and suitably recognised.

By adopting ORCID's established industry identifier method, Emerald says it has been able to enrich content metadata which improves the scholarly discovery process; the efficiency of research funding; and supports the sharing of research and collaboration within the research community.

Tony Roche, publishing director at Emerald, said: 'We are very pleased to be fully integrating ORCID identifiers from Emerald's global author community into our content metadata.

'This offers numerous benefits to our customers, including improved author disambiguation, integration of what is becoming a global standard, improved search functionality and the ability to benefit from new author services.

'For Emerald authors, linking their ORCID ID to their article submissions will allow better showcasing of their work and support their career progression, by making their work clearly discoverable by funders, universities, professional associations and scholarly societies.'