Emerald acquisition of GoodPractice will 'extend reach'

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Emerald Global Publishing Group has announced the acquisition of GoodPractice, a provider of support tools for leaders and senior managers. The acquisition is aimed at allowing Emerald to extend its reach into the professional learning and development, education and training sectors, with a focus on digital learning solutions.

With global acceptance of e-learning increasing in both higher education and professional markets, the acquisition of GoodPractice comes with the aim to strengthen Emerald's value proposition in the professional learning and development markets.   

Richard Bevan, Emerald CEO, said: 'GoodPractice has a reputation for exceptionally high-quality content, outstanding customer service and an impressive management team, making it a very strong strategic and cultural fit for the Group. GoodPractice’s unique focus on leadership and management content is complementary to the Group’s existing business activities, providing the Group with an opportunity to advance its strategy of increasing impact in the professional and corporate markets.

'E-learning enhances methods of creating, sharing and distributing knowledge, making it increasingly accessible to all, the sentiment of which is at the heart of the Group’s operations.'

GoodPractice CEO Peter Casebow added: 'For 15 years, GoodPractice has been developing a product offering which comprehensively supports the learning and development needs of leaders and managers. Our focus on performance support and on-demand resources was ahead of its time, putting us at the forefront of these evolving trends in L&D.

'We’re delighted with the acquisition by the Group, and look forward to working with them to further develop our product offering as well as utilising their international network to bring our outstanding products to the global audience.'