Ekatius delivers the latest medical event knowledge

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Conference Archives (CAI) has announced that presentations from the American Stroke Association’s (ASA) 2008 International Stroke Conference (ISC) are now available to institutions through the Ekatius platform. Delivered through Stroke Science OnDemand 2008, the digital archive captures nearly 300 oral presentations from the conference with a combined running time of over 84 hours.

‘This is the fourth year in a row that the ASA, a division of the American Heart Association (AHA), has digitally captured and archived oral presentations from the International Stroke Conference,’ said David Sampson, EVP of Conference Archives, medical content division. ‘Stroke Science OnDemand typifies the ASA’s innovative and visionary approach to advancing stroke research and education.

In a related development, a top ten pharmaceutical company has purchased a global site licence to access presentations from the AHA's Scientific Sessions 2007. Delivered through the Ekatius digital archive platform, pharmaceutical personnel are able to search for and review over 2800 rich media oral presentations representing over 830 hours of content.

The Ekatius platform is designed to provide students, faculty, and professionals around the globe access to the latest advancements and knowledge in research. It has advanced search functionalities that allow users to search for event knowledge – abstracts, posters, and oral presentations from a meeting - either within a specific event or across several events.