EBSCO and EOS International partner to enhance library discovery

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A partnership between EBSCO and EOS International is aimed at bringing more choice to libraries.

The joint development schedule promises to enable more tightly integrated access between EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) and EOS International’s suite of ILS systems, with the intention of benefiting mutual customers and continuing EBSCO’s partnership initiatives.

Providing access to EDS’s unified index will expand the quality and amount of content available for EOS users, adding the enhanced features and functionality available from EDS. The partnership offers library end users a choice of interfaces to begin their research creating an intuitive unified search experience.

EBSCO chief information officer Michael Gorrell says as EBSCO continues to develop EDS and its interface, providing a rich discovery experience for library users who begin their research on a partner platform is part of the company’s mission.

'Working with EOS International, we will be able to create an elegant solution that allows EOS users to have access to the EDS search engine, leveraging the strong metadata, the highly-refined relevancy ranking system and the features and functionality that have come to define EBSCO Discovery Service.'