EBSCO and American Medical Association move closer

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EBSCO Information Services and the American Medical Association (AMA) are expanding their relationship in an effort to further promote visibility and adoption of the top medical journals around the world. While EBSCO has long made AMA journals available via its subscription services, it will now act as a sales agent for The JAMA Network. 

EBSCO has pooled the resources from both areas and now offers selected publishers expanded worldwide sales and marketing efforts as part of a new program. The list of publisher partners in this program is limited.
Under the agreement, EBSCO will be selling the following journals from The JAMA Network:

  • Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)
  • JAMA Dermatology
  • JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery
  • JAMA Internal Medicine
  • JAMA Neurology
  • JAMA Ophthalmology
  • JAMA Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery
  • JAMA Pediatrics
  • JAMA Psychiatry
  • JAMA Surgery

These journals are indexed in many EBSCO databases, and the two organisations are maximising technology to ensure the best possible linking between EBSCO’s hosted indexes and the AMA e-journal platform for mutual customers. Enhanced linking will also be provided via EBSCO Discovery Service, as well as via EBSCO’s point-of-care products for mutual customers.
Sam Brooks, EBSCO’s executive vice president of marketing, sales, publisher relations and strategic partnerships, said: 'These journals are of unsurpassed importance in the area of medicine, and EBSCO is in a unique position to ensure that all appropriate institutions worldwide can be made aware of the benefits of subscribing electronically.'
Thomas Easley, The JAMA Network’s senior vice president and publisher, added: 'We believe that EBSCO’s extensive network of sales agents will add significantly to our efforts to publish and disseminate the highest quality peer-reviewed original research, commentary and clinical content via The JAMA Network.'