Dutch projects help knowledge dissemination

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Twelve projects have been approved for the SURFshare programme. The projects aim to promote knowledge dissemination via the internet and contribute to improving the Dutch knowledge infrastructure.

The year-long innovation projects will start at the end of January 2009. The grant from the SURFshare programme comes to over € 630.000 and the total budget comes to € 1.220.000.

The twelve projects that have been awarded grants  for 2009 are:

Knowledge dissemination at Universities of Applied Sciences
·          National Knowledge Forum for Care and Treatment of Addiction
·          Automotive Knowledge Bank for Universities of Applied Sciences
·          DIGIPUB – Digital Publication environments
·          FUTURE – Thematised Access to Expertise, Knowledge & Research for SMEs, Students and Experts 

Enriched publications
·          JALC – Journal of Archaeology in the Low Countries, enriched publications in Dutch archaeology
·          DatapluS – Repositories for Enhanced Survey Publications
·          ESCAPE – Enhanced Scientific Communication by Aggregated Publications Environments
·          Theses Plus – Enriched theses in the Utrecht repository
·          Veteran Tapes – Enriched publication based on multidisciplinary re-use of qualitative research files

·          Tales of the Revolt Collaboratory: Sharing, Enhancing and Disseminating Sources
·          Hublab-2 – Toward successful implementation of the Liferay platform in historical research
·          Virtual Knowledge Studio Collaboratory – Understanding Scholarly Collaboration in Practice