Dragonfly assists PeerJ

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Dragonfly Sales and Marketing Consulting has signed an agreement with PeerJ to promote the new open-access publisher's author memberships to libraries and library consortia.

PeerJ publishes peer-reviewed research in the biological and medical sciences based only on a determination of scientific and methodological soundness. PeerJ's model is to offer 'lifetime membership'. Authors are given a choice of three individual membership tiers (Basic, Enhanced and Investigator), giving them lifetime rights to being published – at no further cost.

With the new agreement, Dragonfly will be promoting institutional arrangements, whereby libraries and consortia of libraries can purchase memberships on behalf of their patrons. Libraries can either choose to purchase individual memberships for their faculty in advance (and distribute them as they choose); or they can pre-pay for memberships which are then used by their faculty as and when those authors come to publish at PeerJ. Both options are said to allow a library to provide an open-access option to a large number of their faculty, in an extremely cost effective way.

'We are very pleased to be working with Dragonfly to spread the word about PeerJ to the global library community,' commented Peter Binfield, publisher and co-founder of PeerJ. 'Although PeerJ has already generated a lot of excitement amongst researchers worldwide, with Dragonfly’s extensive network, we hope to also reach out to those libraries and institutions who are looking for ways to support their faculty in their transition to Open Access publication.'