Digital Science invests in WriteLaTeX

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Digital Science has invested in WriteLaTeX -  a London based scientific start-up and creator of the online collaboration platform for scientific research, Overleaf. 

Overleaf gives users the ability to author and edit scientific papers, research and reports quickly and accurately. Using a WYSIWYG manuscript editor, Overleaf provides real-time collaboration for a live view of the final typeset output and brings the whole scientific process into one place, from idea to writing, to review to publication.

Digital Science expects that the  addition of WriteLaTeX into its portfolio will provide 'increased opportunities to serve researchers, publishers and academic institutions'.  WriteLaTeX plans to continue to enhance the development of Overleaf to reach its ambitious target of one million users worldwide. The team of four will be based in Digital Science’s London HQ.  

John Hammersley, co-founder and CEO at WriteLaTeX said: 'This is a great day for our team, and we’re all incredibly proud of what we achieved to get us to this point. Our focus has always been on developing tools for our authors, and this investment gives us the opportunity to ensure we are able to deliver a complete authoring solution for the scientific world.'

Timo Hannay, managing director of Digital Science, added: 'Science is increasingly asked to provide solutions to society's’ most pressing issues and to do so, scientists need to be able to deliver results faster and in a way that is more open, trustworthy and meaningful to those outside the scientific community. We welcome WriteLaTeX into the fold and look forward to working closely together  to  change the way we support, deliver and measure scientific research.'