DCL enriches millions of documents for Scopus

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Data Conversion Laboratory (DCL) is collaborating with Elsevier in a multi-year conversion initiative to enrich and enhance content in the Scopus database.

The immediate goal is said to be to enrich content coverage and the density of linked citations for the Elsevier archive within the Scopus database. This archive consists of approximately 2.5 million articles published prior to 1996.

DCL says that it has created an automated process to split citations into component parts and create fully tagged, fully searchable citations up to the latest industry best practices. The scalable process, tailored to Elsevier’s requirements, is said to be capable of processing millions of records consistently and accurately. The added granularity of the data should enable articles to be more findable and increase the number of times work is cited – a boon for numerous academics, scientists, and technology professionals who depend on Elsevier for professional development.

'Adding cited references to pre-1996 articles in Scopus is of great importance to our users. It will allow for thorough measurement of impact and trend analysis of pre-1996 content using the Scopus database. Accurately processing and tagging the cited references in a highly automated fashion is key to making this program successful and bringing value to our users in a timely manner,' said Wim Meester, head of product management for content strategy at Elsevier.