Data discovery partnership helps chemistry searching in industry

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Schrödinger and ChemAxon have extended their partnership agreement for another five years.

In the expanded agreement, ChemAxon will provide the JChem chemistry engine as well as Marvin sketching and rendering functionality to Schrödinger's enterprise informatics platform, Seurat. 'We’re very excited to continue our partnership and we look forward to working more closely with ChemAxon and exploiting its powerful cheminformatics tools,' said Schrödinger’s president Ramy Farid.

A data integration and discovery collaboration platform, Seurat provides decision and project support as well as advanced data exploration, and can consume backend data or replace legacy tools like Accord, ISIS, Isentris, or internally-developed customer tools that have reached the end of their life.

Seurat can be installed locally, or hosted on either the British Telecom (BT) or Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. The expanded agreement will also allow Schrödinger to plug in additional ChemAxon software as required.

'The extension of our agreement underlines ChemAxon’s position and reputation as the leading provider of chemistry search and management expertise, and complements Schrödinger’s leading modelling and computational chemistry expertise,' said Alex Drijver, CEO of ChemAxon.

'Its long-term nature demonstrates that collaboration between partners with complementary technologies is a sustainable business model in our sector, and in fact can offer a better solution to customers and a more efficient development environment for partners; we see this trend increasing as more partners place their chemistry requirements with ChemAxon.'