CompareNetworks acquires scrazzl

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CompareNetworks, which provides media and platform products in web and mobile formats for the scientific and healthcare industries, has acquired scrazzl, a technology platform that links scientific products with research articles.

CompareNetworks will integrate scrazzl’s article analysis engine with the product directory marketplace of its life-science vertical, Biocompare, which is expected to launch in late August. The integration with scrazzl means that Biocompare product listings will include links to associated article citations.

Brian Cowley, CEO of CompareNetworks commented. 'By connecting journal articles to our detailed product information we will not only provide a better user experience on Biocompare, but we’ll create a much-needed and comprehensive resource for the science community as a whole.'

Using the scrazzl article analysis engine, CompareNetworks will also offer syndication opportunities to life-science publications. Publishers will be able to expand their reach by including articles in the Product and Citation Database.

David Kavanagh, CEO of scrazzl, will remain with the company. He told Research Information: 'The deal was positive for both parties as it gives CompareNetworks access to our proprietary content analysis engine while giving scrazzl access to a comprehensive pool of life science, pharmaceutical and clinical science advertisers. STM publishers that work with scrazzl/CompareNetworks either as content providers or affiliate ad partners will immediately see the benefits of this strategic merger in the form of increased traffic to their websites and increased affiliate revenue.'