Chongqing Library selects Ex Libris system

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Chongqing Library in Chongqing, China has chosen the ALEPH 500 integrated library system from Ex Libris for the city’s brand new library, which will open in June 2007.

'We were impressed with the system architecture, openness, and flexibility of the ALEPH 500 system during our evaluation process,' said Song Jizhen, deputy director of Chongqing Library and leader of the system evaluation and selection team. 'We also received very good feedback regarding the technical support offered by local staff from ALEPH 500 customers that we visited.'

'With the addition of Chongqing Library, one of the largest public libraries in China, ALEPH 500 has taken first place in the number of Chinese installations of an integrated library system developed outside of China,' added Fucheng Shen, managing director of Ex Libris China.

The Chongqing Library is one of the largest public libraries in China and includes press documents on antifascist war; and over 500,000 ancient rare books dating from the Song dynasty to the present, in mint condition. It also has a United Nations depository library that now contains over 100,000 books and UN documents. The UN depository aims to disseminate information about the organisation's activities through the deposit of documents in publicly accessible locations worldwide.