Charlesworth Autoproof system integrated with Aries Preprint Manager

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The Charlesworth Group’s AutoProof solution has been integrated with Aries Systems Preprint Manager production tracking system.

Developed by Charlesworth, the AutoProof system allows publishers to create page proofs from their own desk top within 10 minutes. The integration of AutoProof with Preprint Manager enables effective and efficient workflow control of high-value documents such as journal manuscripts.

Adrian Stanley, CEO for The Charlesworth Group said: ‘As a specialist in the journals market our aim is to provide publishers with cutting edge technology and ongoing integration solutions to make their workflow faster and more efficient. With this capability, an editor can drive production from his or her desktop. We can also integrate the files that are sent automatically from within Preprint Manager to our China office for pre-styling and copy clean up, to help speed up the editorial process.’

The Charlesworth AutoProof system can be integrated with other workflow systems and is also available via Allen Press.