CCC expands its Republication Service

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Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) has enhanced its Republication Service, which is intended to streamline the process of buying and selling permission to republish content from journals, books, newspapers and other information sources.

CCC has added an educational/instructional program Type of Use (TOU), where rightsholders can get multimedia rights to use content in a range of educational products, such as interactive learning environments, digital resource libraries and Common Core-driven curriculum solutions. The rights can also be acquired to republish these materials in any format, including PDF, TIF, PPT and HTML.

Nature, Perseus Books Group and Taylor & Francis U.S. Books Group are among the first publishers to grant this new type of use.

'With new digital media, rights standards, and strained production schedules, publishers need a streamlined way to acquire complex bundles of republication rights in a single transaction,' said Miles McNamee, vice president, licensing and business development, CCC.