Cambridge Journals to publish The Mathematical Gazette

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Cambridge Journals has entered a partnership with The Mathematical Association to publish The Mathematical Gazette.

The Mathematical Gazette publishes important and influential articles about the teaching and learning of mathematics. It also features fascinating expositions of attractive areas of mathematics, book reviews, and a teasing problem corner. Its readership spans the globe and includes college and university lecturers, educationalists, school teachers and students.

Gerry Leversha, the journal's editor, said: 'The Mathematical Gazette has been attracting readers with an interest and enthusiasm for mathematics since it was founded in 1894. The founder, Edward Mann Langley, created the mathematical problem "Langley’s Adventitious Angles", which he posed in the journal in 1922.

'Since then, the journal has grown has grown to be an invaluable resource across the world for teachers and students in schools and universities, academic mathematicians and enthusiasts who enjoy reading about the subject. The new partnership with Cambridge Journals will enable the journal to reach even more mathematicians, providing them with resources to enrich their teaching as well as accessing general interest and recreational articles.'

'We are delighted to be partnering with The Mathematical Association to publish The Mathematical Gazette,' said Katy Christomanou, publishing director for STM Journals at Cambridge University Press. 'The journal is highly respected in its field, and enriches the already excellent portfolio available to mathematicians using Cambridge Journals Online.'