Brill takes on international distribution for KNNV Publishing

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Brill is taking on the international distribution of the foreign-language academic titles on Wildlife, Nature & Conservation of KNNV Publishing (Royal Dutch Society for Natural History Publishers). Initially, over 20 titles will be distributed by Brill, with more promised.

Michiel Thijssen, Brill’s senior acquisitions editor for biology and history of science, commented: ‘These exceptional titles, some of which have been awarded the highest recognition, fit Brill’s publication list in biology very well. With our strong global distribution network we ensure the natural sciences community worldwide has access to the publications of KNNV Publishing.’

Paul Kemmeren, director of KNNV Publishing, added: ‘By collaborating with Brill, we ensure even better visibility of our internationally-oriented academic book titles. Our authors deserve as large an audience as possible, and we are sure our cooperation with Brill will have a great effect on that.’