Brill announce collaboration with the FWF

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 Brill, the international scholarly publisher, is proud to announce the agreement with the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) which will transform the journal Historische Anthropologie/Historical Anthropology to full open access by 2025.

The agreement covers the conversion of the publication workflows to enable XML-based, digital-first publishing, as well as the implementation of an APC solution, which are a prerequisite to open access. In addition, it supports conversion of the complete backlist to full open access. This allows us to open up the complete journal archive, spanning 30 years of cutting-edge anthropological and historical research. These developments will result in the journal fully converting to open access by 2025 at the latest. The journal will comply with all requirements for open access as determined by Coalition S.

'The FWF has always been at the forefront of adopting and accelerating open access,' comments Dr Jasmin Lange, Chief Publishing Officer. 'This funding program is a next step in the recognition that not just publishers, but all stakeholders in scholarly communication play an active role in the transition towards open access. We are proud that Historische Anthropologie has been selected and look forward to opening it up sustainably, so that it retains and increases its footprint in the community for the next 30 years at least.'