Brill acquires Apollo's entomology list

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Brill is acquiring the English-language entomology publications programme of Apollo Books, Denmark.

The deal, which is effective immediately, also covers a small number of other biology titles. Book series involved include: Geometrid Moths of Europe, The Moths and Butterflies of Great Britain and Ireland, Palaearctic Macrolepidoptera and Microlepidoptera of Europe, as well as 25 forthcoming titles and over 100 backlist titles.

'I am happy that Brill will carry on our programme,' said Peder Skou, director of Apollo Books. 'I regard them as a very well suited publisher to continue with this.'

Sam Bruinsma, Brill VP business development added: 'This agreement follows a previous deal in 2008 when we acquired the journal Insect Systematics and Evolution from Apollo Books, a publisher most highly regarded among the entomological community.'