BMC says IFs of its society journals increased after move to OA

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Several society journals published in partnership with BioMed Central (BMC) have seen significant increases in their Impact Factors (IFs) since making the transition to open access (OA), reports the publisher.

In the latest Journal Citation Report from Thomson Reuters, for example, the Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance received a new IF of 5.11. This is up from 2.15 when the journal moved to BMC and converted from the subscription model in 2008. The journal, which is the official publication of the Society of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance, saw a first significant increase to 4.33 when the calculation for the first time became solely based on open access content in 2011, says BMC.

Similarly, says BMC, The Irish Veterinary Journal, which moved to BMC in 2011, saw a new IF, calculated based on OA content alone, of 1.71, up from last year’s 0.43.

Deborah Kahn, executive vice-president at BioMed Central, said: 'I would like to congratulate all of the editors and societies whose journals have performed so well in this year’s Journal Citation Report. It is a testament to the power of open access combined with the close working partnerships between BioMed Central and the editorial staff of the journals who together work to make the journals fulfil the needs of the communities they serve.'