Biologists launch WeChat channel in China push

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The Company of Biologists has launched a WeChat channel, 生物学界 CompanyofBiologists, in order to share research, best practice, and publishing advice with its Chinese audience.

This popular Chinese social medium is used daily by many scientific researchers. The aim of the WeChat channel is to allow biologists to stay at the forefront of research, with selected articles and interviews from the Company's journals. 

With a growing number of submissions and readers from China, WeChat is expected to play an important role in the Company's ongoing engagement with its Chinese audience.

Besides recent research, the Company will also share useful advice such as tips for success when publishing with our journals, and news of grants, meetings and workshops. 

Claire Moulton, publisher at the Company of Biologists, said the move is intended to make its audience’s publishing experience even more positive: 'China plays an active and growing role in the scholarly publishing landscape. 

'We are very excited to be launching our WeChat channel and aim to use this medium to support biologists in China in various ways, be it by highlighting interesting research, reminding them of funding opportunities or providing them with general tips on publishing with us. We look forward to growing our relationship with Chinese authors, reviewers and readers.

To view or follow the WeChat channel, scan the QR code above.