BIBSYS chooses OCLC library tools

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Norwegian consortium BIBSYS has signed an agreement with OCLC to supply its new library system based on OCLC’s Web-scale Management Services. This is described as a next-generation Web-based suite of library management tools for metadata management, acquisitions, circulation, licence management and workflow.

BIBSYS provides library and information systems to Norway’s university libraries, college libraries, a number of research libraries and the National Library. According to the organisation, an important factor in the choice of system was that OCLC had started the process of developing a next-generation system, based on a service-oriented architecture, which has uniform handling of all media types. The architecture should enable BIBSYS and its member libraries to develop their own custom applications for library management activities. In addition, they can expose and share those applications as Web services on the platform for other members to use.