Beta platform to help funders launches

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ÜberResearch, a portfolio company of Digital Science that provides software and solutions for grant-funding organisations, has launched the ÜberResearch beta for scientific funding organisations. This solution promises to allow organisations to search global grant, publication, and author databases, compare overlaps between proposals and prior awards, assign reviewers based on robust functionality, and perform advanced portfolio analysis for reporting and decision making. 

'Situational awareness in science funding, the systematic ability to instantly look across funder portfolios during planning and review, is not readily available to most funders,' said co-founder Ashlea Higgs. 'Most research funders cannot easily compare notes in an apples to apples way- and this is what we would like to enable for all science funders. The results will be more data-driven perspectives and better decision making for the entire community.'

ÜberResearch expects to launch an updated platform beta in February and a Version 1.0 of the platform in late Spring 2014 in conjunction with its development partners.