Berghahn relaunches journals on PubFactory

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Berghahn Books is to relaunch its journals portfolio on PubFactory, the scholarly publishing platform from Safari.

Berghahn Books’ choice of PubFactory to host their new journals publishing platform will feature a complete site redesign to maximise the Berghahn Books brand, enhance user engagement, and provide a 'mobile optimised content interface'.

Berghahn Books is an independent publisher of distinguished scholarly journals and books in the humanities and social sciences. Vivian Berghahn, managing director, said: 'We have selected Safari’s PubFactory platform knowing that we needed a trusted partner to provide the highest level of platform performance as well as to deliver strategic support beyond the normal scope of services offered by platform vendors.

'We are thrilled to begin working with Safari and to gain the many benefits of joining our business with an innovative, collaborative partner who will propel the growth of our flourishing journals program and advance the services that we provide.'

Safari says it is the ideal platform partner to enable Berghahn Books to drive the development of its online journals and be equipped to adapt its business based on evolving user needs and the latest technology tools.  

José Fossi, vice president of operations, said: 'Safari is proud to have Berghahn Books journals join the growing list of journals publishers hosted on PubFactory. Over the last decade, PubFactory has developed into a feature-rich, flexible platform that readily supports journals, books, databases, and other publisher-defined content types.

'Today, there are 13 million unique sets of content on PubFactory, including more than 800 journal titles. The addition of Berghahn Books’ journals to PubFactory is indicative of Safari’s continued investment in enhancing and future-proofing our platform to support the unique technology and workflow needs of journals products across scholarly disciplines.'